Interim FAQ

What is the Interim used for?

The interim is used for income and/or non-cash benefits updates that happen after the client has entered your program, but has not exited your program.  Instead of editing the initial information you received from a client regarding their income and/or non-cash benefits, you will create an interim to update the information.

When entering an interim in the system, will I have to include the children as well?

No, the interim is only completed for the adults in the household who have changes. 

I logged into Service Point, but I can't see the interim button.  Where is it?

The interim button is located at the program level.  In order to get to the interim, you have to be in Enter Data As mode.  The interim button is located on the Entry/Exit dashboard of Service Point.  It's the button next to the exit. 

In what increments of time is the interim set?

The interim reviews are set to be 30, 60, 90, 120, or annual.  For programs whose clients stay more than 365 days in their program (i.e. Transitional or Permanent Housing), you are required to conduct annual re-certifications on your clients.  The interim review will allow you to conduct annual reviews for your clients which will put you in compliance with your program guidelines.  

Does Service Point keep a history of the interim reviews I conduct with my clients?

Yes, Service Point keeps a history of all the interim reviews you conduct on your clients.  Just like with Entry/Exits, you will have a history of reviews for your clients.  The system will also give you a number of reviews that have been conducted between the time of entry and exit. For example, if your client came to your program on 02/01/2013 and left 07/26/2013 and during that time span, you conducted two interim reviews, you will see a 2 on the interim icon that will let you know there has been some changes to the client's information during the time they were in the program. 

I'm in Enter Data As, but I don't see the interim review on my Entry/Exit dashboard, what should I do?

If you are in Enter Data As mode and you don't see the interim review icon, please contact the HMIS Help Desk and we will set the interim review feature.  Remember, you must be in Enter Data As mode in order to see the interim review. 

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