HCA Programs Modification/Waiver Request Process

In very rare circumstances, Housing Contract Administration (HCA) sub-recipients may seek a modification or waiver of program requirements that would otherwise adversely impact their ability to carry out program activities. HCA, at its sole discretion, may consider a modification/waiver request from a sub-recipient in regard to requirements identified in program policies and guidelines. The sub-recipient must submit the HCA Modification/Waiver Request along with the appropriate and necessary supporting documentation. The modification/waiver request must include:

  • The details of the specific requirement for which the modification/waiver is being requested;
  • A detailed explanation of why the requirement cannot be met (as justification for the request);
  • Any additional information the sub-recipient would like HCA to consider with the request. 

Approval of the request is at the sole discretion of Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC). 

HCA will provide the sub-recipient a response approving or denying the request.

The HCA Project Modification/Waiver Request can be accessed on the KHC website and also at 

HCA Project Modification/Waiver Request.

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